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Embedded Support Model

At Inter-Con, our mission is to provide high-quality, customized security services. We utilize an Embedded Support Model rather than a Branch Model to deliver scalable, customizable, and comprehensive services to our clients at cost-effective rates.

Leveraging the Right Technology

Inter-Con is a pioneer in providing unique, cutting-edge security programs for clients of all types. We have implemented numerous programs that have changed the industry, and our innovations span use cases from physical site security to cyber security.

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The Inter-Con Path

Recruiting Specialized Talent

We believe that recruiting success begins with establishing the right goals and understanding the right means by which to accomplish them. For this reason, we recruit, screen, train, and staff Officers based upon their ability to excel on specific contracts. Through this approach, we are able to develop and retain Officers who take pride in their work and remain committed to making their clients’ communities feel Prized & Protected, Not Policed.

Genuine Diversity

Inter-Con is a 100% family-owned and operated, true Minority Business Enterprise that values meaningful partnerships over short-term profits. Our stable ownership allows us to make long-term investments in our clients and local communities throughout the world.

Value Added Training

At Inter-Con, we leverage the market’s best trainers, tools, expertise, and technology to craft highly effective training programs that reduce costs for our clients. Our expansive Peacemaker National Training Center facility boasts some of the best training and shooting ranges in the world and hosts numerous nationally recognized skill-based competitions.

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