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Inter-Con understands the extraordinary requirements for securing remote locations in the agribusiness industry. We offer fine-tuned agribusiness solutions which are capable of addressing some of the largest and most complex programs in the world.

Inter-Con’s global network of security operations centers maintains 24/7 alarm monitoring and incident response for our clients. Through our utilization of AI-powered, security camera monitoring software we can efficiently and effectively oversee of a large number of posts. Our cloud-based technology further enables us to proactively analyze data points to prevent breaches and other incidents before they occur.

Rapid response emergency teams

Inter-Con invests heavily in its ability to immediately mobilize additional staff when requested by a client. Our success is predicated upon accurately forecasting seasonal deployments and creating effective emergency response models that are capable of meeting the strictest SLAs. Our utilization of advanced support systems and data analytics pays provides our clients with improved security and greater cost savings.

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