Inter-Con Security guards stand on watch on top of building

Physical Security

Our five decades of distinguished experience providing uniformed security services to critical infrastructure and high traffic locations worldwide ensures our clients’ security needs and customer service requirements are always met, if not exceeded.

At Inter-Con, we provide a wide range of premium physical security solutions that are 100% customizable to meet our clients’ specific security needs. With a long and proud history of serving commercial businesses, government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and many other sectors, we deliver bespoke solutions you can trust for continued safety and protection. Ranging from fundamental decisions to the minutiae regarding our clients’ programs, we tailor our work to the physical security requirement in a particular risk situation. Inter-Con’s objective is to provide a standard of physical security that is appropriate to the situation, comprehensive, cost-effective for our customers, flexible enough to smoothly incorporate improvements, and capable of surging in case of emergency or increased threat.

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