Inter-Con has extensive experience protecting healthcare organizations, including the management of day-to-day security operations and the design of systems to prevent and mitigate the effects of black swan events.

Inter-Con’s officers are trained in the requirements of inspections by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), as well as in fire safety, active shooter response, and facility safety rules. Typical security programs at healthcare facilities are complex and may include monitoring CCTV and alarms; overseeing entry and exit of equipment, materials, and personnel; mitigating disruptive or violent behavior; and containing biohazards. In addition to physical security programs, Inter-Con also provides active security design services, including emergency, fire, and safety plans and bolstering privacy standards. Finally, we have ramped up our support for our healthcare clients during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering temperature screenings, health questionnaires, and other safety measures.

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