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Embedded Support Model

Inter-Con’s business model is to provide the highest quality, customized security services. That is why we adopted an Embedded Support Model – which is inherently scalable and customizable – over the Branch Model system favored by our competitors.

A Different Approach

Inter-Con was founded in 1973 to provide customized security solutions at scale for sophisticated clients whose needs exceed the capabilities of traditional security companies. The traditional mass-guard providers’ Branch Office Model relies on co-opting your program’s resources to subsidize costs with newer clients. This perpetuates many of the industry’s most acute pain points like absent account management, disengaged security personnel, and poor quality control. In direct contrast, Inter-Con ensures the provision of high-quality security solutions through our unique Embedded Support Model, which ensures dedicated account management and resources for your specific program. We retain over 97% of our clients year-over-year because we are the only security company that can consistently provide our clients with:

  • Fully-dedicated Account Management & Security Personnel
  • Guarantee that 100% of Costs Support Your Program
  • Tailored & Rigorous Recruiting, Screening and Training
  • Consistent & Effective Quality Assurance/Control
  • Seamless Program Transitions
  • Long-Term Client Partnerships
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