Inter-Con has demonstrated experience in securing sensitive data and confidential intellectual property for the world’s leading technology providers and platforms.

Inter-Con has decades of experience securing sensitive technical facilities and data centers to ensure the safety and security of tangible and intangible assets.

Hardware Solutions

  • MILO training for tactical judgment and firearms training.
  • Autonomous AI for deterrence, detection, and reporting.
  • Drone and anti-drone for airspace monitoring, surveillance, and tracking.

COVID-19 Screening

Inter-Con’s premium access control services now include COVID-19 screening solutions that fully scale to our clients’ needs. Specially trained screeners and medical professionals will administer client-specific health and wellness checks. Licensed nurses will oversee multi-stage screening efforts and administer comprehensive screenings on high-risk individuals. We also boast a portfolio of best-in-class screening devices and assessment software.

Accessibility Tools